Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TV Graphics - National Geographic Arabia

The brief asks for the branding of a new branch of the National Geographic channel in the  middle east.

The following video is a showreel of all the TV graphics created for the channel,representing the mood and the feel of the brand.

Concept: The original National Geographic logo consists of a yellowish rectangle symbolizing the shape of a window (A window to the world).

The Middle Eastern version of the channel is a replicate of the window concept, with a modification in it's shape, symbolizing an arch, a typical and traditional feature in the Middle Eastern architecture.

Also added to the identity is the "chaddeh", an arabic script glyph similar in shape to a flying bird (A symbol of Freedom). This feature is present in the channel's identity and TV Graphics and interacts with the logo and it's enviroment.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Adobe After Effects CS5

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