Saturday, August 13, 2011

The hardest task for a Graphic Designer: Creating his/her own business card

It's a fact.
A Graphic Designer can create numerous business cards without any trouble, but when it comes to creating our own identity design and business card, we can go round and round and never be able to stick to one final design that is good enough!
I was about to graduate and meet the real world, and a business card is a must when meeting new acquaintances related to this business. Afterall, you can tell alot about a Graphic Designer from his business card!

That's when I started to question myself. who am I? What graphical representation can define me and my career? Ughh... It's so hard to think of something! Even now!

As I was about to give up, I threw a *very* lame joke inside my head... "Pft, who am I? I am carla mezher.. Blah.."

And then, it clicked. Looking at some sketches of my name in my sketch book, the puzzle fit perfectly!

And that's how I designed my business card.

Twirl it around, and the combination of the 2 sides will create my name

Maybe it was meant that I was named Carla and my last name is Mezher or else I would have never been able to make up my mind on a design, or maybe, one day i'll look back at it and figure something else out and re-design a new one...

But till then, this is my business card, and it's actually getting quite the attention and is a good ice-breaker in meetings!