Saturday, August 13, 2011

The hardest task for a Graphic Designer: Creating his/her own business card

It's a fact.
A Graphic Designer can create numerous business cards without any trouble, but when it comes to creating our own identity design and business card, we can go round and round and never be able to stick to one final design that is good enough!
I was about to graduate and meet the real world, and a business card is a must when meeting new acquaintances related to this business. Afterall, you can tell alot about a Graphic Designer from his business card!

That's when I started to question myself. who am I? What graphical representation can define me and my career? Ughh... It's so hard to think of something! Even now!

As I was about to give up, I threw a *very* lame joke inside my head... "Pft, who am I? I am carla mezher.. Blah.."

And then, it clicked. Looking at some sketches of my name in my sketch book, the puzzle fit perfectly!

And that's how I designed my business card.

Twirl it around, and the combination of the 2 sides will create my name

Maybe it was meant that I was named Carla and my last name is Mezher or else I would have never been able to make up my mind on a design, or maybe, one day i'll look back at it and figure something else out and re-design a new one...

But till then, this is my business card, and it's actually getting quite the attention and is a good ice-breaker in meetings!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Check out my work on "Packaging of the world"!!

Now that I've graduated, I am trying to post some my work online for others to see!
I am very glad that one of the most visited packaging inspiration websites, Packaging of the world , agreed to post my work in it's gallery!
To check out the page Here!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TV Graphics - National Geographic Arabia

The brief asks for the branding of a new branch of the National Geographic channel in the  middle east.

The following video is a showreel of all the TV graphics created for the channel,representing the mood and the feel of the brand.

Concept: The original National Geographic logo consists of a yellowish rectangle symbolizing the shape of a window (A window to the world).

The Middle Eastern version of the channel is a replicate of the window concept, with a modification in it's shape, symbolizing an arch, a typical and traditional feature in the Middle Eastern architecture.

Also added to the identity is the "chaddeh", an arabic script glyph similar in shape to a flying bird (A symbol of Freedom). This feature is present in the channel's identity and TV Graphics and interacts with the logo and it's enviroment.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Adobe After Effects CS5

Showreel - Fall 2011

This is a compilation video of my work!

TV Graphics - Show open (Bedtime stories)

Bedtime stories is a tv show targeting kids from 3 to 12 years old.
The following animation is the show open.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Adobe After Effects CS5

TV Ad (Puma Shoes)

The following animation is a TV Ad for "Puma".
The concept of the Ad is to show the variety of shoes that Puma has to offer for different daily activities.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Adobe After Effects CS5

Animated Font Poster (Impact)

In Type in motion class we were asked to create an animated font poster.
This animation introduces the font "Impact"

Software: Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Adobe After Effects CS5

VH1 channel ident 3 (Bees)

This is an ident animation I created for VH1 channel titled "Bees".
It is one of a series of 3 idents for the channel.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Adobe After Effects CS3

VH1 channel ident 2 (Birds)

This is an ident animation I created for VH1 channel titled "Birds".
It is one of a series of 3 idents for the channel.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Adobe After Effects CS3

VH1 channel ident 1 (Popcorn)

This is an ident animation I created for VH1 channel titled "Popcorn".
It is one of a series of 3 idents for the channel.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Adobe After Effects CS3

Starbucks's Special Edition Package

The Brief asks for the design of a special edition package for Starbucks.
With the purchase of 3 coffee bags, a free mug is granted. The package must be eco friendly and sustainable.

The adopted package can be wrapped into shape without the use of industrial machines, this would decrease shipping charges (Less used space).

Lebanese National Anthem - Packaging

The brief asks for the packaging of a conceptual item, the Lebanese National Anthem.

Concept: The final output is a 1 m wide pop up stadium with 3 characters: The first Lebanese president, the writer and the composer of the Anthem.
This proud stand reminds us of the time when a National Anthem is played at the beginning of a game.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grillz Restaurant and Bar - Branding

"Grillz Restaurant and Bar" is a new hip-hop themed restaurant.
Concept: This restaurant is new of it's kind. The identity allows the clients to experience the hip-hop experience in an ambience full of "bling-bling" and gold.

Output includes: Logo Design, Menu, Table mats, Coasters and Delivery bag

Beirut National Museum - Rebranding

The brief asks for the re-branding of the Beirut National Museum. 
Concept: Being neglected through many years, the new identity of the museum gives it a new fresh start. 
The color coding represents the different sections and eras present in the museum.

Lebanese Delights - Branding

Lebanese Delights is a "ready to cook" food brand for working woman and men who don't have time to prepare their meals. Clients can find and collect a recipe on the back of the logo on each package.

Output consists of a logo identity and 3 package designs.

Web Design: Graphic Tee's

Graphic Tee's is an online t-shirt store that sells t-shirts for woman, men and kids.

The following pictures are screenshots of their website.
Click on the pictures for larger previews

Web Design: Faqra Blog

This is a blog I created for a Faqra, a touristic village in Lebanon.
The aim is to keep viewers updated on the latest activities and events of the village,

The following picture is a screenshot of the blog.
Click on the pciture for a larger preview.